Self Employed, Solopreneur, Freelancer Work Retreat Questions

Here are all the questions that I used for my work retreat Dec 2016. These are in order in which I worked through them, it took approximately two days.

Day 1

Warm Up Questions

  • What do you want to get out of this experience?
  • How do you want to enter into this reflection work?


  • What and to whom are you really grateful for this past year?
  • What actions do you want to take on that gratitude?

Taking Stock

  • In the past year, what did you do?
  • How do you want to celebrate your accomplishments this past year?
  • What has your relationship with work been this past 12 months?
  • What questions are driving your relationship and perspective on work?

Self Assessment

  • What went well this year?
  • What didn’t go well?
  • What are you spending your time on?
  • What work do you love/find most rewarding?
  • What do you wish you had done this last year?

Lessons Learned

  • What are the lessons that jump to mind from this year?
  • What are your big takeaways from this?

Day 2


  • What kind of world do you want to help create?
  • How do you want to relate to your work?
  • What questions do you want to center your work relationship around? What are the key questions you want guiding you?
  • What permission do you need for this next year? (from yourself, others, the world)
  • What didn’t happen this year that you wanted to happen?
  • What stopped it from happening?
  • Do you forgive yourself?
  • What would you need to do to get a clean slate?


  • How much do you want to work this year? What does that look like?
  • What does an ideal work week look like?
  • What are your big goals for this year?
  • What would make this year a success? What would make this year a great success?

Q1 Planning

  • What do you want to do during Q1?

Cool Down

  • What did you learn from this retreat?
  • What plans would you like to make for your next retreat?
  • What questions do you want to be sure to answer at the next retreat?

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