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Fast fashion recently disrupted the fashion industry, forcing many retailers to shorten production processes and drop prices.

The same is true for the marketing world: has taken priority over unique and high-quality content.

The results are the same for both industries: after a short period of time, the item or content falls apart.

The solution is, of course, to invest time, money and energy into crafting usable and relevant products and content.

If you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, you’re alive at a time when the barriers to entry are for many industries.

Yep, with access to the internet and some elbow grease, you can become an entrepreneur if you want.

But you’ll need a plan.

And some help.


The Mark Growth blog focuses on some of the most important areas for an entrepreneur: marketing and growth strategies. This week’s featured article, How to Make a Business Plan That Will Make You Money by Andrei Rebegea, is for you if you’re at the very very…

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There’s a difference between simply creating content and creating effective content.

You know, content that actually leads to brand building, trust earning and sales making.

That difference is a variety of factors, and one rises to the top: .

Effective content is high-quality in that it helps consumers. It gives them something to learn about or giggle over; or it answers a question they had just moments ago.

The writers on the Mark Growth publication outline the ways they create effective, high-quality content.

In this week’s featured article, Fresh Content Is Just the Beginning… You also need to keep…

If you’ve been on Medium for more than five minutes, you know that startups are a across publications.

Hustle this, innovate that.

But beyond buzzwords and articles encouraging you to just “grind harder,” if you’re a startup founder or team member, you need advice for how to market and grow your company.


Several Mark Growth contributors offer just that. In articles written from hard lessons learned and with the spirit of helping fellow entrepreneurs, you can find guidance for what to do next.

This week’s featured article highlights a Q & A with a serial entrepreneur-turned-investor…

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Point blank: marketing make your business money. Maybe not overnight, but you should see a boost in sales, donations or fundraising if you’re implementing — and — your marketing strategy.

But demonstrating that link between marketing and sales be a pain point, so the topic of increasing sales comes up a lot on the Mark Growth publication. That’s why this week’s newsletter showcases some of the best articles written to help you make more money.

The featured article comes from Alex Kistenev. In Growing a Slack Bot from Zero to $25k per month, Alex offers a…

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The content marketing concept is buzzing across industries, as everyone from startup founders to C-suite corporate execs want to hop on board the content train.

Yet pumping out 10 blogs a week and an effective content strategy are two different things.

To be , your content strategy needs to consider:

  • Your audience’s pain points and needs
  • SEO
  • The other tactics in your funnel
  • And much, much more

Pedialyte is a growing business, making brand pivot that is resulting in a rise in sales.

If you’re like many people, when you think of Pedialyte you think of kids. It’s a children’s drink, meant for nutrition and hydration following a cold or flu.



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In case you missed it, Instagram recently surpassed 1 Billion (yes, “billion” with a capital B) users, so it’s a when it comes to social media marketing.

The social giant also just released IG TV, which is supposedly a for YouTube.

All of this means that if you’re not using Instagram for your business’s marketing, you may want to consider it. That’s because your target audience is using it as you read this.

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Growing a business-to-business company is all about ; who you know and who you can influence.

B2B marketing can build your brand and your reputation, and open the door to and thus, new business.

The marketing professionals who contribute to Mark Growth offer of advice for how to establish trust through various tactics, from social media to email. This week’s Mark Growth newsletter highlights just a few of the best B2B marketing articles.

If you’re looking to upgrade your B2B marketing, start with Billee Howard’s Ask The CMO: Diana…

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If you’re a digital marketer, it’s part of your job to continue learning every. single. day.

There’s just no option.

Each channel, each tactic brings about its own You either learn how it works blow through your advertising budget — and your time budget — very quickly with little in return.

This week’s Mark Growth newsletter highlights a few how-to guides that offer in-depth advice for optimizing your marketing so you’re that person who has a tragic ROI for your ad campaigns.

First up is The Content-Production Checklist. In this article Tim Rettig gives you a content…

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Marketing strategist. Temple alumna. Katz MBA. Currently in pharma.

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