My Uber driver this morning is a Trump supporter. I spent 20 minutes listening to Trump’s California campaign director acting like Donald Drumpf is a viable future leader of the “free” world. These people are real. They walk among us. They are in my city, among the most liberal in the world. They really believe Trump is an “authentic” guy and that he’s a wonderful choice of leader. They are completely unruffled by his bigoted antics, his pathological narcissism, his utter disregard for reality. And they are legion.

It absolutely blows my mind that Democrats are being asked to rally behind a candidate whose chances against this guy just aren’t as good as her opponent’s. We’ve all seen the polls. There’s an infinitely safer bet standing right in front of us, literally screaming for the revolution. So why are we being pressured, shamed, berated into “getting on board” with someone who will struggle to defeat a fascist clown in a bad toupee? It defies all reason, ethics, and intellectual integrity. There is no other way to spin it.

If you’re thinking this is the part where I start trashing HRC, forget about it. Frankly, I like her. More importantly, I don’t even need to go there. She is not our best chance. She was never our best chance. End of story. Let’s all get over it, turn off CNN, and back the candidate who can crush this monster.

This is not a joke, this is not a drill. Trump isn’t just a threat to our culture, our international reputation, our values as a nation; he is a threat to our very survival as organisms on this earth.

Wake up, Democrats. Stop treating this election like a branding exercise — it is nothing of the sort. Stop talking down to people who are willing to imagine a better world — a better world is possible (and the bar is pretty low). Stop reaching only for what is handed to you — it will never be enough.

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