Great! Do you have more examples of your grain bowls, just for inspiration!
Mariana S

I sure do. All these recipes popped up on the first page of google and were irreverently altered to suit what I had on hand or how lazy I felt. Keep in mind, I’m the kind of person who enjoys both hot and cold Chinese food and hot and cold pizza. So this may or may not be tasty to you depending on temperature preference.

Next week:

Simple Pork vindaloo (pork is on sale)
Basmati rice
Some kind of indian spiced green bean recipe
Probably a sweeter tasting daal

Last week I did an indian style grain bowl:

Indian Butter chicken
Steamed cauliflower with turmeric and salt (I could eat this everyday)
Basmati rice
Lentil salad

Two weeks ago I did Chinese (it was a bit heavier on carbs then I prefer):

Spicy soba noodles with rotisserie chicken and jalapenos
Stir fried broccoli and onions with garlic and ginger and rice wine vinegar
A couple potstickers.

This week:

Copycat chipotle chicken
Cilantro Lime farro (i get all my oddball grains from big lots. They sell a lot of Bob’s Red Mill)
Pinto beans slow cooked with chiles in adobo sauce and ham
Corn cilantro salsa

A while ago

Grilled or pan seared skirt steak with fajita seasoning
Sautéed peppers and onions seasoned to taste
Quinoa cooked in chicken broth
microwave baked sweet potato