The Caucasian Invasion Of Racial Justice Spaces
The DiDi Delgado

Thank you! I went to one SURJ meeting after the first Muslim ban (calling it what it is). I hadn’t researched the organization beforehand. I was invited via facebook by a very socially active woman of color whose group was going to be the beneficiary of the collection. I was really disappointed in the meeting! I actually left before breaking into groups. There was not one person of color in the room, save the aforementioned woman that invited me. The meeting opened with yoga breathing exercises. Then there was a “calling in” the folks that we were there to fight for. But they weren’t in the room! The group we were advocating for was not even present. Because they weren’t invited. It all felt very white savior-y. Like we were getting together to decide what’s best for POC.

I left early, wondering, “How are we supposed to fight white supremacy if we don’t invite the group most impacted by white supremacy into the room?” And not that BS “calling in” thing, where we “keep them in our thoughts”. Like praying for the dearly departed at Sunday Mass. (I should note that this event was held at a UU church.)

I thought maybe it was my whiteness clouding my judgment of the event, and that I was being a bad ally because of my negative feelings about the group. Thank you again.

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