Moonbrach Cafe: A Novel ~ Chapter 1

The carnation slipper was stuck. Nadya’s foot wedged down into the crevice, made her knee burn with a sharp pain anytime she tried to wiggle free.

The wind was rather crude. As if her situation wasn’t enough, her handmade scarf slapped her face. Overcome by frustration, she ripped it off and chucked it a few feet away. The only sounds outside were of the wind and the birds. One in particular landed on the crumpled up scarf.

Nadya stared into its eyes. “Beautiful. Why are you here? Unless you can help me, you better fly off.” She tried twisting her knee a different way. “Ahh.” It was no use.

How did I get myself into this predicament?

Then she remembered. Breakfast and flowers for her sick mother. She was heading out in her pajama’s to get these things prior to all this.

The overcast sky looked like the donut glaze she wished she could retrieve. The smoke from the shops up the road rose up. A tear dropped onto her hand.

Glancing both ways, her eyes could not find help. And then the sound of the train sent electric shock up her fragile body.

This wasn’t how she thought her life would end. She had so many dreams. So much more living was to be done. Heart racing full speed — she yanked as hard as she could.


Her foot was jammed.

The train sounded once more and she closed her eyes. God, if you’re there — I need you. Her mind reeled of life clips as her heart pounded. Fists clenched, she dared not open her eyes.

The blinding light took over.

Was that the train?

Her breathing felt calm now. The air was perfectly cool. It seemed as if she lay there forever before mustering up the courage to look.

If I’m thinking, I must be alive.

With a deep breath, each eye opened slow. A brightness permeated the room and she sat up. Her hands felt around for something to grab onto. Where ever she was, her body was not the same.

A sound off in the distance danced into her ears. Laughter? Another sound and a click. Steps and then — silence?

Finally, her eyes were beginning to make out the edges of her surroundings. So bright. A gloriole?

Nadya stood up, fingers grazing the wall. She took a step, but braced herself from falling. She didn’t hurt, but felt like she had lost control of all motor skills.

A knob. “Okay, a door. Good” She wrapped her small hand around the golden ball and turned. The blast of vanilla and spice filled Nadya’s nostrils first. She swallowed hard.

Hills covered in snow for miles stood before her. Hundreds of people were out and about. Some sledding while shouting and laughing, others walking along a cobblestone pathway around the hills.

She stepped away from the confines of the mysterious room and pulled the heavy, walnut-finished door shut. Click.

Everyone stopped and turned toward her. Even those afar off, as if they had heard. Nadya stood frozen for a few moments before planting one foot in front of the other, entering the wintery scene.

All eyes were locked on her.

“Where am I? What is this place?”

As if cued, a handsome face turned toward her. “You’re up? Wow.”

“Looks like you’ve got your hands full early this time, Dominic,” Another man hooted from yards away.

Nadya wanted to be nervous but she couldn’t. No really. She tried to will up the power to run — but it just wasn’t there. Something in her told her safety lived here, and there was no need to worry. Besides, her body probably couldn’t run five feet.

“I’m sorry you had to be greeted like this, Nadya. Come with me, if you can walk well enough. We have some catching up to do.”

Dominic offered his arm and Nadya slipped hers around. His wool coat brushed up against her — wool coat?

She couldn’t stop staring at the side of this man’s face. His cheek bones where so defined, his eyes so blue. His dark hair was short on the side with a wavy pompadour on top. His smile was piercing.

She looked ahead. “Where are we going?”

“Moonbrach Cafe,” he replied simply.

And her feet sweeping through the arctic white powder, were not even cold.

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