Melee Stutter-stepping, Body Blocking, and you

I briefly mentioned stutter stepping in “Which hero should you master first,” but I think it’s deserving of some further explanation. Tank and melee assassins will be the focus of this, as I think understanding how to use valla as a ranged assassin in respect to stutter stepping is pretty similar to other ranged auto-attack based heroes (Raynor, Falstad, and to a lesser extent Sylvanas, Zagara, Tychus, Sgt. Hammer, Nova).

The distinction with stutter stepping in regard to melee heroes is the fact that you’re going to be pressed up against enemy heroes. This gives you an opportunity to body block enemy heroes. By this I mean physically standing in the way of an enemy so your teammates get more time to get damage in. In order to do this well you need to be behind the person you plan on body blocking, and moving parallel to them in anticipation of their movements, all the while getting additional punches or spells off. As an assassin body blocking should be of a lesser priority, as it would expose you to being between enemies, but there are always opportunities to get a pick off quickly enough that the risk will provide adequate reward. As a tank it’s the opposite. Your auto attacks are generally less significant and your ability to sit behind enemy lines increases.