Radio Ryloth: Motherhood and the Force
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This is a great topic to address and I’m hopeful that we see a greater emphasis on motherhood in future Star Wars stories. (*crosses fingers that Laura Dern plays Rey’s mother*)

I’ve tried to stay up-to-date on most new canon material and I don’t believe Padmé is ever identified as being even slightly Force-sensitive. I think it could be an interesting addition to her character but, at the time, it’s likely not beneficial to discuss her abilities in the Force.

The new canon has, however, introduced us to some new characters who might merit discussion in this post. We have Shara Bey, protagonist of Shattered Empire and mother of Poe Dameron, and Norra Wexley, primary protagonist of Aftermath and Life Debt and mother of Temin “Snap” Wexley. Their experiences as mothers and how that impacts their characters are discussed throughout the works they’re mentioned in. (That said, the aforementioned works are written by men so the execution of these mothers is certainly up for debate) But they’re not (to be determined?) Force-sensitive either so perhaps they belong in another discussion with the parents of folks like Hera and Jyn? (Maybe even with matriarchs like Queen Karina the Great?)

Life Debt even touches a bit on Leia’s pregnancy (though it focuses more on Han’s struggles with abandoning her during that time). Bloodline is the best story we have (so far) of Leia as a mother and it shows that she is clearly absent in Ben’s life and that she has worked hard to hide her father’s legacy from him.

Overall, I appreciated your exploration of it. Definitely would love to see the stories of more mothers of the Force (especially told by women).

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