It Is Time For A Conservative Rebrand. SERIOUSLY
Mallory Smyth

I just joined this seemingly enlightening little community, and I already know that I am going to gain a great deal of insight, knowledge, and even experience — especially if I continue to follow your particular page.

I’ve noticed something about your writing, that is often times absent in other’s. While you undoubtedly include many of your own personal notions, theories, and points-of-view, you do so in a way that does not belittle, demean, or shame anyone, regardless of who they are, what they believe in, etc. etc.

I find this quality, among others, extremely admirable. I loved every piece that I have read of yours so far, and I look forward to reading many, many more.

P.S I have referred to myself as being, “born into the wrong era,” for as long as I can remember. It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one. 👍

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