How And Why Companies Are Using Open Source [Infographic]

Record-breaking corporate open source use and participation revealed in the ninth annual Future of Open Source Survey.

Black Duck Software and North Bridge recently announced results from the 2015 Future of Open Source Survey. This year’s results revealed a massive increase in corporate open source use and participation, with 78% of respondents saying their companies run part or all of their operations on OSS — up from 42% in 2010.

Record-breaking open source adoption, coupled with this year’s finding that over 55% of companies lack formal open source policies and procedures, highlights the need for enterprises to adapt processes to manage and secure their ever increasing use of open source.

“In the results this year, it has become more evident that companies need their management and governance of open source to catch up to their usage. This is critical to reducing potential security, legal, and operational risks while allowing companies to reap the full benefits OSS provides.” (Lou Shipley, President and CEO of Black Duck Software.)
How & Why Companies Are Using Open Source [Future of Open Source Infographic]

For more insights into emerging trends in open source, read the full 2015 Future of Open Source Survey results, which offers statistics from 1,300 industry influencers.

Note: This blog was originally posted on Open Source Delivers.

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