Take me Out to the Ball Game…

Baseball is huge in Korea, and I have found I LOVE Korean Baseball! Since I have moved here I have only gone to two games, but both times the atmosphere was intoxicating, and believe me it’s not just the giant bottles of Cass that are being chugged throughout the stadium.

This past Saturday I was cheering on the Doosan Bears! We were lucky to get seats right in the middle of the fan section for just 12,000 Won. I sat down in my seat and was soon under the spell of the crowd. The energy of the thousands of spectators, chanting, dancing, and yelling for most of the game guaranteed that there was never a dull moment. Each player has their own chant, complete with actions to go along with it. What’s even better is that everyone knows each chant and is singing it at the top of their lungs. Add that to the MC and cheerleaders hyping up the masses on a little stage and you have a concoction for a fun filled night.

The Jumbo tron that dwarfed that the field was one my favorite features. It showed great highlights from the game, and also featured a beer chugging contest where the winner got a whole case of Cass, and a Kiss cam. The pour Ajuma and Ajassi were not happy to be the center of kissing attention, but it was adorable none the less. The Doosan Bears shattered their competition and won 8–0. Each point earned was followed by the stands erupting into cheers and then breaking out into choreographed dance. It was absolutely glorious.

The moral of this post is…if you you find yourself in Korea and have the chance to go to a baseball game, GO! You won’t regret it. I know I will be going to another game very soon!
Have you ever been to a Korean baseball game?