Being Trans and Transitioning…

(Warning: You might not be comfortable reading some of what follows.)

I recently started a GoFundMe campaign. I think a lot of people are looking at it and thinking, “I need money for things too, you know.” And this may be true, but I decided to try to do something about my situation. The WPATH Standards of Care has identified that Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS, also known as SRS and GRS) is medically necessary.

The current Board of Directors of the WPATH herewith expresses its considered opinion based on clinical and peer reviewed evidence that gender affirming/confirming treatments and surgical procedures, properly indicated and performed as provided by the Standards of Care, have proven to be beneficial and effective in the treatment of individuals with transsexualism or gender dysphoria. Gender affirming/confirming surgery, also known as sex reassignment surgery, plays an undisputed role in contributing toward favorable outcomes. Treatment includes legal name and sex or gender change on identity.

The number that I have set is $35,000. This might seem high, but I anticipate that most of that sum will go directly towards GCS. The current average cost of GCS is $12,600. That’s just the surgery. Then, I need to pay for time in the Hospital and Anaesthesia costs (Between $7500 and $9000). I will also need to pay for some prescriptions and other medically necessary things, so $500 (I’m avoiding some details here, but I can give you more if you *really* want them…).

You might be doing some mathematics, and wondering, “But, Megan, that’s only $20,000-ish. What’s all the extra for?” Recovery takes 7 days. I need to be at the surgery center the day before, then go back to my hotel room for pre-op preparations. All told, I need to stay in a remote city for 9 days. At an average of $200 for a decent hotel, that’s $1800. Then food and travel costs push me up, pretty easily, to $2500. Finally, I’m figuring that this GoFundMe project will take a while, and costs of things will increase.

I’ve already been a burden on my family’s finances throughout this process. I’ve paid for facial hair removal, multiple trips to doctors and therapists, and HRT. I don’t want my family to lose out on things because my medical coverage is not great.

If you can donate any small amount, it will be greatly appreciated:

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