An Entrepreneurs IQ:EQ balance

The Pentagon is increasingly concerned about how to combat “hybrid warfare,” the combination of stealth invasion, local proxy forces and international propaganda that Russia used to annex Crimea and destabilize eastern Ukraine, U.S. officials said.

Hybrid warfare and hybrid business follow the same approach, a mix of Intelligent Quotient with Emotional business one can not be confined by just a particular method, creating a dynamic system that is adaptable to change is the key

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior

High IQ does not guarantee success in business, but when it is used appropriately with a mix of emotional intelligence a robust system can be built. The idea behind this is

1). To gather data, all the numbers and facts required to have knowledge in you particular industry
 2). Analyze the data to understand what it says and to understand the trend of your industry
 3). Use this to make and informed decision. Situations change and numbers do not tell the complete story.

When in doubt pause and go with your gut feeling, that combined with the understanding you have gained from proper research and analysis will aid you in coming up with informed decisions that have a positive outcome.

Mark Essien recently wrote an article on the way Africa can have a more successful business ecosystem by having founders being experienced industry managers who have worked in the start-up world. It could well be true on the numbers side but also a founder with little practical business experience and backed by a well-researched data could start a company and bring in industry heavy weights to steer its success. A combination of the required zeal and technical know-how of the team gives them and edge in the industry. Two halves of a side better than both. That is what businesses need to strive for.