The Mega Token Sale is Here

The big news from Megaverse HQ is that we are pleased to announce the structure of the upcoming Mega Token sales.

After much deliberation on how best to launch Mega Token, we have decided upon quite a unique method, at least for the crypto sphere.

The pre-sale will take place directly on the Megaverse website at, with the subsequent public sales taking place on Copper Launch.


Two hundred fifty million Mega will be available via the pre-sale.

This sale will be done on a first-come, first-served basis, and there will be no max or minimum buy limit.

The final stages of preparation for the pre-sale are now underway, and we will go live on February 17 at noon CET.

The pre-sale will run until the total allocation has been bought.

The price of Mega at the pre-sale stage will be fixed at $0.01.

Participants can buy Mega with DAI, USDC, & USDT using their metamask wallets.

There will be no vesting period for those who purchase Mega at the pre-sale stage.

We will launch the pre-sale on Polygon and add Ethereum the following day.

The Mega Token Public Sale

In a bit of a twist to conventional crypto sales, the Mega Token Public Sale will be spread over three separate events, known as Series A, B, and C.

All three sales will take place on Copper Launch.

We have decided to adopt this method as we feel that it aligns with our long-term vision for the project.

By conducting three separate public sale events, we can raise funds as per the development and progress of Megaverse.

This method will split the Mega Token allocation into three equal rounds of 7.5% of the total supply.

We will announce the terms and conditions for the Mega Token Series A, B, and C sales in advance of each sale.

We expect the floor price for the Series A public sale on Copper Launch to be $0.025.

A Bright Future

After the recent announcement of the partnership with Polygon and more partnerships to follow soon, the Megaverse team is looking forward to this next stage of our development.

We believe that the strategy chosen is the best way to drive Megaverse forward, and it is one that is sure to put us even closer to our objective of making Meagverse the place where social media users and the world’s most vibrant global communities enter the metaverse.




Where social media users and the world’s most vibrant global communities enter the metaverse.

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Where social media users and the world’s most vibrant global communities enter the metaverse.

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