These Excellent Features are Exclusive to Only Google Pixel and Pixel XL Phone

Google Pixel and Pixel XL have taken the entire smartphone industry by the storm. With several attractive features like best camera, eye-catching design, splendid AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, Quick Charging support (only 15 minutes of charging can provide up to seven hours of battery life ), the Pixel smartphones have staked their claim as the most versatile Android smartphone. And rightly so.

As most Android smartphones come with top-notch features that can match Pixel phones, you may want to know what makes these smartphones from Google different from the rest. There are some standout features which are exclusive to only Pixel phones — at least for now. Let’s find out!

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Phone

These Excellent Features are Exclusive to Only Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Superb Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher is one of the most talked about features on Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Currently, it’s only available on Pixel smartphones.

The brand new Pixel Launch includes Google search “pill” widget, a redesigned app drawer, display for the date/weather. Besides, it has implemented new home screen shortcuts as well as round app icons.

24/7 customer support

Google is providing 24/7 customer support via both voice and text. With the screen sharing solution, the tech-support can easily check out what’s on your screen in order to find out the real cause of the issue.

The 24/7 customer support is very significant. So, if you ever run into any annoying issue that is causing trouble on your Pixel smartphone, you can fix it with ease.

Unlimited photo and video storage

Unlimited photo and video storage

In this age of mobile photography, we have developed a huge penchant for capturing photos and videos. To say the least, snapping cool selfies is at the peak of its game like never before.

Google’s Pixel smartphone offer unlimited backups of photos and videos at full resolution. Better still, even videos recorded at 4K will be stored for free on the cloud without any limit.

Smart storage

There is yet another excellent feature called Smart storage which is exclusive to Pixel phones. What makes it so special is that it doesn’t let you worry about managing your backups.

As soon as it finds that you don’t have much space on your smartphone, it automatically removes images and videos from your device.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the biggest star on Pixel and Pixel XL. As it’s already available on Allo — an excellent messaging app from Google, most of you would have the fair amount of idea with regards to its functionality.

The ultra-modern Assistant gets promoted to the home screen on your device. You can activate it with just a long-press on the home button. Booking a flight ticket, finding a nearby restaurant or checking out famous places and much more can be done with utmost ease thanks to Google Assistant.

What do you think of Pixel and Pixel XL? Have you decided to pre-order it? It would be great to have your feedback in the comments.