The Ultimate Guide to AI Chatbot

What is an AI Chatbot?

In simple terms, an AI Chatbot or artificial intelligence chatbot can spur conversation with the users in the normal/ natural language through various channels such as message applications, Websites, mobile apps, and telephones. It can converse with humans via audio or text. AI Chatbots are the more intelligent versions of chatbots. They can understand machine learning and natural language processing to rectify human intent better.

The Best AI Chatbots for Your Business

1. BotUp by 500apps

Pricing: BotUp has a free trial. You can get unlimited access to all apps and features for $14.99 per month.

  • With chatbot analytics, assess the performance of your chatbots and make informed decisions by easy customizations.
  • Build and edit robust flows with drag-and-drop functionality to get things done faster. Use third-party extensions to make it versatile and take the help of the chatbot app’s built-in templates to allow your bots to do multiple things simultaneously.
  • With BotUp, an easy-to-use chatbot app, take complete control over lead nurturing by qualifying leads, scheduling messages, and sending email or SMS notifications. Easily manage contacts and get essential details to export and use for other tasks.

2. ManyChat

ManyChat supports interactive communications that supervise product selection and let buyers do shopping within Facebook Messenger.

3. MobileMonkey

Omnichat by MobileMonkey is a revolutionary patent-pending chat marketing technology that lets you stay connected with customers instantly in the messaging apps.

4. is a messaging platform in the business sector that aids in contact connection from all channels to all teams


Hellotars will help you design and integrate chatbots with your WhatsApp channels in a matter of clicks.

AI Chatbots in Ecommerce

1. Engage Your Visitors and Turn Them Into Leads

2. Make the Right Conversations

3. Encourage Sales

Pros and Cons of AI Chatbots

Advantages of AI Chatbots

  1. Increase sales

Disadvantages of AI Chatbots

  1. Lack of feelings and emotions

Wrapping It All Up!

More and more people want to communicate with businesses via messengers, and online retail is one of those industries that can receive a significant profit from this trend. Therefore, a chatbot is a must to keep the most effective communication with users, increase sales and engagement, and build loyalty.



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