A Painful Question of the Day
Nicole Dieker

Any cash I withdraw has a predetermined purpose, like grocery money or gas money or go-to-the-bar-on-Thursday money. So I don’t tend to mindlessly spend it. I also tend to put my cash in different locations — like I keep my gas money hidden in the car, and my grocery money goes is a certain section of my wallet, and my other-purposes money usually gets stashed in different sections in my checkbook. Like, right now I have $11 sitting in the middle of my checkbook which is earmarked for going to the ice skating rink, and it’s been sitting there for months because I can’t seem to get my and my friend’s schedule aligned to make it happen. The point is, that money is for ice skating only, so I’m (mostly) not tempted to blow it on something else. To answer your larger question, I don’t feel pain when I use cash because that cash is indeed already spent in my mind on very specific things.

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