Google Penguin 3.0 Algorithm — Facts, Disaster and Reliefs

Google rolled out penguin 3.0 on Friday night (October 17th, 2014) after a gap of more than a year and still the full update is not complete. Google first penguin algorithm was launched on 24th April 2014 to fight against the spam link creating techniques used by webmasters, SEO and owners of website to get rank better in Google search engine results. Further another update on May 22, 2013, know as penguin 2.0 tightened the rules to identify spam backlinks. There were few refreshes in 2013 but finally another big penguin update known as Penguin 3.0 rollout is still in progress.With the transition from 1.0 to 2.0, and now 3.0 the Google penguin algorithm has grown more sophisticated to ascertain spam, artificial back links in link profile.

Google Penguin 3.0 Algorithm still in progress and we cannot ascertain the exact disaster or relief to websites / SEO industry. However initial study shows the penguin 3.0 facts as below.

  • It is an algorithm update or refresh not known. Pierre Far mentioned about the both.
  • Sites cleaned up there bad or spam links earlier are now back in search results ranking but may not be ranking as well as before the penguin era. Most of such sites visibility in search results improved but ranking is still not back.
  • Sites not cleaned up there bad links are still in penalty.
  • This update demotes sites with newly-discovered spam.
  • Sites which were ranking well but have not taken any action to clean up their bad links are now affected with this update.
  • Update is worldwide and visible in all version of Google.
  • Sites of all language, any region, have potential impact of this algorithm.
  • The impact on English queries is less than 1 % and about other languages may be more or less.
  • Google “spam” tolerance is much higher than many expected.

Hoping to get more in depth study to Google penguin 3.o by next week to find disasters and reliefs . It is true that Google various penguin update has significantly affected the SEO industry worldwide. If you have been hit by latest penguin 3.0 update just make a complete link profile analysis of your website and start removing your links from general web directories, articles directories, spammy bookmarking sites, paid links and above all links from paid guest blog networks and sites.

Originally published at on October 22, 2014.

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