Benjamin Button moves from an iPad Pro running iOS 11 to a 13" MacBook Pro
Charles Arthur

I get the angle, and it’s a fair one — judging the iPad by the Mac is like judging the Mac by the iPad.

But the clamshell notebook to me will remain a far more productive form factor. It’s 0.1 seconds to get back into your work and have a screen and keyboard in front of you rather than doing smart keyboard origami. there’s a trackpad on the same horizontal pane as your keyboard, so no gorilla arm touching the screen. The hinge is sturdy and you can adjust the angle, and won’t have an ipad fall on your face if you try to use it in bed on your back like the smart keyboard would. And the keyboard I find much preferable.

A10X is quite the beast, I just wish it was in a clamshell.

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