Exploring the Life Purpose of your Network | Learning from Others

Exploring purpose of Life
“Your purpose in Life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”.

Every person is different from others in nature or thoughts. Each of us have different talent. Point is some of us discovered it earlier and some got it too late. Life without purpose is like we are spoiling our talent.

What if we try to find out our life PURPOSE?

I have interacted with different people and most of them have a purpose, some hesitate to share and some are even not clear till about their purposes. Interaction based on different categories of peoples. My targeted categories includes married and unmarried peoples.

My question is, “What is purpose of your Life?”.

From unmarried category I explored they wants to fulfill their dreams. One of them wants to be a photographer because she loved the nature and very inspired by the beauty of nature. She considers it as a gift from God that our nature is very beautiful.

Passion and craze leads you one day towards the peak where you wants to be Just you need to do is continuous hard work. Pain you can bear to struggle hard. Ultimately your sacrifice will turn to success.

Another category discussed before is married. Parents are the most loved relationship in our life. They are the one who actually thinks about their child before anyone else. Same I got response from a mother who wants to get their child best education, respect and wants their future the brightest one. Their purpose of life is just to make their kids life far better than themselves. They want every good thing for their kids and ready face a lot of hardships for that. Like sacrificing their own needs, sleep, worked from day to night and more.

Majority of us are not cleared with our purpose of life. Some discover their purpose late or may be in early childhood but at least try to do so. They think and keep finding out!

I have met with the people who even don’t wants to think about this question properly. They have talent but they don’t wants to utilize it in a positive way and some wants to go on with their casual routines. About such people I feel they are just wasting their talent.

After finding out the purpose, first questions can come to our minds is, “What is the pain (sacrifice) that you are willing to sustain to reach your goals?”

As we know -> “There is no free lunch”.

So the effort is ours. How much pain we can bear for our goals?

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