Inside those 7 billion people, who are you ?
 You are nothing.
 You are nothing, until you reach Glory !

The fasest man in the world ! And you, what are you ?


With Kizbat, we want to create new heroes. Heroes of the 3rd Millenium. Heroes who would have fought so hard to become some of the chosen few.

As a human being, you have only 2 options :

  • Either you remain worthless, among the 99%.
  • Or you crush your fate with all your might and you join the top 1%.
    You become a God !
* Started from the bottom, now we’re here *

So if you truly believe you don’t deserve this flat world, then don’t stay there. Build your way up to the sky. Don’t let anything stop you, never !

You will feel alone and rejected by others but, one day, they will all bend over your power ! And at this precise moment, you won’t give a damn fuck about their worship. Because you won’t belong to their tasteless world anymore.


International Robot League

We have designed the whole Kizbat universe around one principle : COMPETITION.

Kizbat is more than just fighting robots. It’s an International League. It means your mission will be to become the World Champion.

Of course, when you’ve just bought your robot, you start fighting in your neighborhood. Then, after each victory, you earn points based on the ELO system.

If you are good, you can rapidly climb the ladder and become the #1 in your city. The best of each city will be invited to participate in the National Championship. And then, the best of each country will be joining the International Robot League, where Heroes will emerge !

Enter the Legend
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