We make robots. We live in the future.
But what about our robots’ future ?
Well… expect a buff of VIOLENCE by 1000% !

Spits bullets out like a motherfucker… Still gives no shit…

We’re working our ass off to build some crazy hardcore robots you can use to fight like a mad man !
So obviously, we already have a ton of ideas to improve our machines in the future.


For now, Kizbat robots just fight with bare hands. They throw punches. But soon, they’ll be equiped with awesome stuff to make the battle experience much more BRUTAL !


Dat thing is the real deal. It’s so powerful that it can burst anything. Of course, we’ll develop a minimized version of it, because we don’t intend to fuck up the whole city — even though it would be fun.

(Like a punch in the face)*10⁶⁶⁶

Chainsaw katana

When it comes to swords, it has to be a katana. I thought katana was the ultimate form of sword crafting. But I was wrong… because something even more perfect was recently brought to life.

Chainsaw katana will cut through anything ! It’s sharper that a laser blade and sexier than a horny bitch touching herself.


Improved Punch

But at the end of the day, we might keep focusing on improving the punches. Because a good punch is always enjoyable as fuck ! If you do it right, you can basically one-shot anything.

Saitama nerf please

Neural Interface

Because gamepad controllers are soooo 2012. And because we are too fucking lazy to press buttons. We want to develop a neural interface to pilot the robot with the power of the mind.

User experience at its best QQ

But be carefull of what you are thinking. Cuz’ if you really wanna fuck your opponent, your robot might well end up raping him like a frenetic gorilla on ecstasy.

Fist Fucker

Our robots have 2 fists. So we can double-capitalize on that to open to a new market. Yes, you hear me, I am talking about the deep exploration market.

So we’ll develop a special add on to unlock this awesome feature and seduce a new category of clients.

* smooth *

Anyways, stay tuned on www.kizbat.com because a shit load of sexy stuff is in preparation !

And don’t forget :


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