KIZBAT — Fighting Robots

Seriously, who the fuck never wanted to be a robot pilot ?
When I was a child, it was just too obvious : later, I’ll drive this godamn MegaZord !

It has a taurus head covering its balls. How badass is that !


This seems childish to you ? Don’t worry, my dream didn’t fade away with time. On the contrary, it strenghened with Metal Gear Solid.
When I first finished this game, I was like…

REALLY ??? A robot with hydrolic laser + tactical nuclear missiles + shit load of guns + screaming like a fucking TYRANNOSAURUS ?!

That was it. I HAD TO drive this motherfucker !

Dunno why, but all these robots have serious stuff between their legs. No taurus here, but a ultra high pressure hydrolic laser !

Ain’t no robot around ?

Unfortunately, as you might know, fighting robots didn’t exist at the time. And they still don’t -at least, in decent versions.

Dat thing looks so dumb that even Wall-E would beat the shit out of it.

That’s why -logic being logical- I came up with this simple implication :

Robots don’t exist => *just* need to build them => robots exist.

How smart is that, huh ?

With this perfect plan in mind, I went and ask my friend Cyril for some help :

- Hey dude ! What about fighting robots ? Wanna build some or what ?
- Yooo this is total dope bro’ ! Count me in !
- Okay, let’s do this then !!!

We had no clue how to build one, but since we’re supposed to be engineers, that was no big deal.
We just googled around and bought some motors, wires and… wood (that’s how low budget we are).

In no time, we transformed our office into an actual workshop.

That was just the beginning. The table is a lot messier now !

And 2 weeks after, we had our first prototype !
But no photo yet… teasing is real. More sexiness later ;)

What’s the big plan ?

Actually, I had another passion. You know Pokemon ?
NO for fuck sake, I am not talking about this Pikachu kawaii shit !
I am talking real fights, with real fighters.

That’s how Pokemon should be known.

In the Pokemon world, everyone can become an adventurer by capturing some of these animals, training them, and fighting against strong opponents to climb up the stairs of FAME.

With our robots, everyone will have his own custom machine. Everyone will get the opportunity to fight anywhere, against anyone.
Your ranking as a fighter will be updated after each fight.
The best fighters worldwide will be selected to compete through the World Series. Millions of spectators + $ Millions in cashprize.

This won’t be sport. This won’t be e-sport. This will be something on a whole different level. Trust me !

What’s next ?

We’re trying to gather some money in order to go full time on this and get 2 prototypes V2 ready for the next InnoRobo, 24–26th may. The biggest european event 100% dedicated to robots.
So if you know anyone who would be crazy enough to invest into Fighting Robots, put them on !

And if you don’t know anyone this crazy, but still enjoyed reading this article, please don’t click on the silly heart below. I’m not the “heart” kind of dude.

Instead, get now on and drop your email.
So that you can be part of the crew, bro’ !

We got sun glasses, fingers and Pastis 51
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