KIZBAT — Gundam it !

You know Gundam… those giants mechas fighting in space, firing lasers, missiles and using blades. Of course it’s japanese ! Who else could have invented this sort of stuff ?!

From Gundam Build Fighters : the series that mostly inspired Kizbat

So childish…

Absolutely not ! Gundam has a deep message to spread. Everyone is concerned by what the philosophy developed in the anime teaches.

Of course, since 1979 when the studio Sunrise launched the anime, there have been many series, movies, OVAs, video games, Gunplas (plastic models), etc, created from the Gundam universe. And in all this, some realisations are designed for kids, that’s true.

But in most anime series, Gundam tackles war. It shows the complexity of the geopolitical schemes, the psycholigical aftermath of violence on the characters, love-hate relationships, and so on. And this is not childish… at all !


Gundam 00

My favorite series. Gundam 00, pronounced “double Oh” (just to be sure no one will try the “zero zero” thingy on that).

By the way, there’s also Gundam Seed that I particularly appreciate, but let’s focus here on 00.

In Gundam 00, EVERYTHING is about “how can we eradicate war ?”. And to me, the main character is not the young badass hero, former Kurd child soldier. To me, it’s Aeolia Schenberg !

This genius academic born in 2051 set up a 200 years plan to end war. The plan followed on after his death and the organization he created, Celestial Being, kept fighting in Gundams generation after generation.

His main focus is to change humanity, because he knows that conflicts will always create new conflicts. And it won’t be enough to just fight the bad guys on earth.

Here’s what he says :

What I hate are people who misuse their intelligence, the ones who get caught up in their own personal beliefs and prejudices and lose sight of the truth. It leads to misunderstandings, followed by discord and then by conflict. All I want is understanding between people.[…]Humans must learn to apply their intelligence correctly and evolve beyond their current state. People must change, otherwise even if humanity expands into space it will only create new conflicts.

— Aeolia Schenberg, A.D. 2091


Guess what ? Aeolia designed a particles generator that can change humans into beings able to connect to each other emotions…

Setsuna evolving into a celestial being

The only way to stop war is to read other people’s heart. When you understand your ennemy is just like you, then you stop considering him as an unnamed monster that just deserves to die.

So yes, with robots, you can make people evolve into something better and eradicate war.
That’s why KIZBAT is more that just fighting robots :)