Kizbat — Me vs You

Behind each robot, there is a man. So when it comes to Fighting Robots, you better not forget it comes to the Fighting Spirit you can pour into your machine !



I guess you’ve already played Street Fighter in your life, unless you are a total piece of junk that doesn’t even respect himself.

Well, our robots fight like in Street Fighter. So basically :

  • 1v1
  • 60 seconds battle
  • The less hurt (or still alive) wins

Regarding the content of the fight itself, we went for the whole menu : combo, ultra, super, flashy techniques, tight ass timings. Everything that makes the beauty of Street Fighter, we apply it to our real world robots.

Of course, all this stuff requires a shit load of skill ! That’s why our robots are not designed for casual babies who can’t even grasp the concept of true gaming. Instead, we are making our robots for badass hardcore fuckers who don’t mess around with their dignity as warriors.

To the Death

You have 60 seconds to annihilate your enemy. Your mission is to burst him so hard that he won’t be moving anymore !

It’s not different from what Humankind has been doing for thousand years. After all, we love watching people destroying each other.

Therefore, you must show NO MERCY. You have to take each of your fight with the intensity of a solar eruption. You need to strengthen your mind and be willing to burn your opponent to ashes !

Burn bitch !

Don’t let him breath. Attack, attack, and ATTACK again ! Until you make him suffocate under the pressure of your blows.

Then, when your opponent becomes your wounded victim, finish him !
Gladiators had to get the approval from the crowd to finish their opponent. But slavery is abolished. We don’t need to ask the fucking permission anymore. When your enemy is crawling, crush him with all your might !

That’s the only way
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