KIZBAT — Totemize hatred

I see heart red tainted with dark hatred.
I see TV turned on violence, minds set on ignorance.
Welcome where war starts in one sentence.

Sealing hatred.

Pull your shit together !

You are so angry. Everything’s fucked up. Life’s a bitch and she got you badly from behind. Your soul’s bleeding, your look’s fading. You don’t even exist on this dirty planet, no one cares about your miserable existence. You’re alone… and you will remain so. Cuz’ you’re worthless.

And guess what ? I give zero shit about all the bad stuff that’s happening to you ! You’re a grown up, you can handle yourself. Stop crying like a damn baby and start figuring out what got you to this dark place.

I am talking about the reasons of your distress. I am talking causes ! I am talking about all the people who’ve sodomized your integrity and have let it die in the gutter.

That’s your truth right now.

You need to picture the culprits in your little head. Maybe you are the one who fucked yourself so badly. Or maybe that was more like a gangbang, coming from everywhere.

Whatever brought you on the dark continent, you need to figure out what it is. And only then your recovery shall begin !

Build a totem

You will build a totem with your bare hands to canalize the violence. You will be your own shaman. You will invoke the elements to extract the poison from your heart. You will use the poison to paint your totem.

Dance with the wind, earth and fire.

Feel the magic. It helps you externalize the bad stuff. As your soul is being relieved, your thing is awaking…

Break it hard !

Now that you have your own totem, you need to find someone else who’s also built one. You will meet him or her. And you will fight, fight and fight ! Until the totems break each other in a storm made of flames and steel. Let the rage and the fury melt into pure destruction !

Violence must be defeated by violence.

If you’ve managed to get this far, you are now free of yourself. You tore the chains of destiny apart. You own yourself. You’re bigger than ever. Be proud !

Prototype #2 —Embodiment of violence

In the end, you might have understood what I’m trying to accomplish with

Robots are my precious totems.

I will help you build yours and fight until you reach your salvation !