A model to make sense of beliefs and associated Crypto-finance platforms

The Fin-tech community can be classified into holding one of five outlooks for the future. Diagram below plots these outlooks as ‘Levels’ of belief and associated risk:

The more one descends in the diagram, the more one confronts specific prognostications for the future. Entrepreneurial and investment opportunities get restricted. Risk also rises as higher levels incur all development and market risks accrued by the lower levels plus some more. Table below lists platforms, incremental risks and advantages for each level.

My conviction is that Level II provides an optimal mix of large target market and low risk. Token agnostic projects create distributed trust database technologies that can be leveraged to track any asset — fiat money, shares, commodity backed tokens, cryptocurrency IOUs and cryptocurrencies.

Blogs that follow will elucidate one route to build an integrated global financial system enabling cheap and quick global flow of all assets, distributed trust accounting, decentralised exchange, smart contracts, smart property, decentralised autonomous organisations etc. The Hyperledger project plays a major role in my vision.

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