The Bitcoin black swan

The specialty of Bitcoin is not its currency or payments technology. To be honest, Bitcoin is a bad currency and less than ideal payments system. But that’s what everyone is investing in.

What’s stupendous and frightening about Bitcoin is that this is computer code coordinating human action all over the globe. Tens of thousands of people and machines follow the source code creating a hybrid human-machine organization!

That code could be imbued with the same power as say, the constitution of a small nation, will count as one of the great ‘Aha!’ moments of human history.

We’ll build on this great realization. We’ll build until we know how to create corporations, municipalities, city states and Internet nations using objective computer code. This will be as trans-formative as the invention of democracy.

Perhaps Bitcoin itself is like the Greek city state of antiquity– a pioneer destined to be superseded and go extinct.

Finally, we don’t need to alter currencies to make the leap. Our technology will work just great with the US dollar and the Swiss Frank. Currency is immaterial! The Hyperledger project is the gateway to this future.

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