Hands On VS Hand Off — Who’re you?

I've been working with several globally distributed cross-functional teams for a while now. In the course of working with team members what I’ve discovered is what I’d like to outline here.

When I say Hands On I’m referring to Doers and Hands Off referring to guys who wants to be valued for adding no value, I’m sure you get my point, oh Sure, you have come across such people, Haven't you?

I’ve also been fortunate to work with several executives with tons of experience and off course accomplishments. What I've discovered is inspite of being at a management position when their main KRA is to manage either a function or people at a corporation, they’re mostly Hands On, they’re doers creating value at every single thing they touch. On the opposite side, I’ve come across folks that’re mostly in so called mid management that tries to elevate their value by passing the baton without wanting to run themselves.

Conclusion and suggestion — Join the Doers club and you’ll be valued all the time, period!

PS: This is my first ever post, please help me get better at it, be brutally honest with your comments and also let me know if I did well ☺

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