What is BEEF?

According to dictionary, Beef is the flesh of COW, BULL or Ox used as Food, as simple as that.

But According to INDIANS, Beef is first matter of self respect and then the flesh of only and only COW and used by only Pakistani’s as Food.

And According to Pakistani’s, Beef is Flesh of only and only Cow and Muslims eat beef in India to hurt the feelings of Indians.

Now the question arises that whole world is having beef then Why Indians have problem with that?

According to Indians mythology and culture eating anyone’s flesh is considered as Sin whether it is of Cow, Ox, Bull, camel, pig, chicken etc etc. They believe that why to hurt somebody when nature provided us with such a variety of food in form of Vegetables and Fruits. However, having all types of non-veg Food except Cow’s flesh is matter of total personal choice. If a person wants to eat that food then they can but Cow’s Flesh is total Ban in India. Now here the question is why only Cow?

According to Indians, Cow is the precious mammal on Earth because everything of Cow from its Dung to Milk is precious. Cow’s urine is used in various medicines and cosmetic products, Cow’s dung is found to be only natural thing that absorbs nuclear radiation hence acting as a barrier, dung is also used in Bio gas plants and Cow’s milk is considered as the best milk among other lactating animals. But that Cow is only specific cow that Indians call it “DESI COW” means Cow who has Hump on it. As it is believed that Hump of Cow absorbs Radiations from Sun and turns that into precious Gold and some other useful nutrients that we humans can get it from of. its Urine, Dung and Milk. That’s why Cow is also considered as mother “Gau MAA” in India and that is why it is the matter of self respect to Indians.

Now consider a situation that you are going to your relative house and your uncle and aunt are allergic to some specific food item then will you eat that food in front of them or even talk about that specific food?

In the same way Muslim’s living in India should understand that with that only specific Cow thing (to which Indians sentiments are attached), they shouldn’t even talk about Cow’s flesh in India. Muslim’s are not dying without Cow’s flesh. Think about your neighborhood also. Don’t be just cruel with the society you are living in. Why to create Riots just because of one thing. Live peacefully in society and maintain humanity.