Having a fight.
I’m jealous of smokers.
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

No wonder! Seriously, if you reflect in the olden days, fighting was the ultimate pastime.

All over the globe different types of fighting were the main jams. In Asia we had Karate, and Samurais and Ninjas. In Greece and Italy we had Gladiators. In Spain we have Bull fights. Apart from these we have wrestling, sumo wrestling, boxing and god knows what not! When you think of it there’s billions of ways to fight.

Before technology took its roots in our daily life, people either took part in fights or hunts and if they were unable to do that, they would talk about it. They would talk about the losers and winners. The Davids and the Goliaths. It was their only source of entertainment if I might dare say.

My point being, it’s just that now we don’t see fights ahead of the staged WWE. Otherwise they’ve been a pretty vital part of human history and many men have found their niche in it