Stop creating so much trash, Mai Anh.

I have recently noticed the alarming amount of trash I churned out on a daily basis. And to think that I live alone and already create that much waste, it makes me pretty concerned.

Everyday, I go through an insane amount of plastic products, mainly for foods and drinks: plastic takeaway cups of coffee, of bubble milk tea and of juices, bottles of water, styrofoam containers of foods and fruits, paper tissues, wet wipes and the most dangerous of them all, nilon bags! >_< For someone considering themselves environmentally-conscious like myself, it is a shame that I let this happen. And it usually happens as a totally passive act of “accepting” whatever people give me to conveniently hold my foods and drinks and stuff without giving much thoughts to it. And for me to distinctively notice it just now, the level of trashing must have gone pretty out of control. =_=

So I decide to act more like the decent environmentally conscious person I am and start bringing my own reusable cups for coffee and juices and my own containers for foods. And if I can just cook at home, that would help a lot with the styrofoam boxes. But that is just so hard with my current schedule. =_= So start small.

And while I am at it, here is the link to a list ways to stop producing so much trash in daily life: How we avoid making trash by Colin Beavan

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