Meidoon #Trendwatch : September/October


Major shifts and events in both domestic and international relationships made this month an important one for Iran’s politics.

Aside from the approval of the JCPOA, which was a significant event domestically and internationally, Iran’s relationships and involvement with a number of its Middle East neighbours dominated the news.

Tensions rose between Iran and Saudi Arabia after hundreds of Iranians lost their lives in the Mina incident. Military threats were exchanged, ambassadors summoned, and settlements were made.


The world of sports was intense and eventful.

One of the Persian League’s most popular teams lost its young captain, sending shockwaves through Iran’s soccer world.

On a brighter note, Iran’s Women’s Futsal team made history by winning the top title of the Asian Championships, despite their captain not being able to join them in the matches.

More good news followed as Iranian rock climber Reza Ali Pour claimed gold at the World Championships.

Science and Technology

An important story developed in the ICT world over the course of this month, starting with a tweet from Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, a popular messaging app in Iran.

Representatives of Iran’s ICT Ministry swiftly denied the claims, and Durov later reported that service was indeed back to normal.

Many users engaged with this conversation online, sharing their thoughts about the ICT Ministry’s actions as well as those of Telegram.

Recently, Durov has retracted his own statements, saying the demands that were “supposedly” from the Iranian government were “ fake” and “not authorized by higher authorities.”


News reports of incidents closely followed the themes of the Political news this month. Much of the news was about the death of a number of IRGC members in Syria, which once again brought into question Iran’s involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Russia’s airstrikes were also an important part of the ongoing speculation. Russia’s direct action in Syria was announced and implemented this month, and soon, reports from the casualties of their attacks surfaced.

The Mina incident that claimed the life of hundreds of Iranians was also an notable part of the news.

Much more happened in the month of trends and news in Iran. You can find a full report of the news trends here, showing the details about the news world of Iran on social media.

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Written by Arta Shams, Trend Analyst at ASL19, for : Joint project between the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, and ASL19.

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