#Trending in Iran this week

Top news & trends from November 8–13

1*Dawn of gene-editing medicine?

Science and Technology

The potential for what this news had to say is endless. An experimental therapy was reported to be successful in reversing a case of Leukemia in one year old Layla Richards. The news was on top of Iran’s social media having been liked and shared more than 21 thousands times. In the past few years, Iran has experienced a sharp increase in various cancers, bringing the issue to the forefront of Iranian society.

2*Azeri Citizens Protest Against Ethnic Slurs

Social, Political

Azeri citizens took it to the street to protest against racial slurs in a popular children’s TV show airing on Iran’s national television. The show was immediately cancelled, and IRIB officials apologized — but that didn’t stop the protests from growing, both offline and online.

3*Afghan’s Protest killing of fellow citizens by ISIS


Thousands marched in Kabul to protest the killing of 7 Afghan citizens who were held hostage by ISIS. Afghan citizens took this chance to not only voice their concerns about the country’s security against ISIS, but to voice their concerns against what they believe to be major incompetence on the part of their leaders. Protesters stormed the presidential palace, calling for the resignation of President Ghani.

4* Babak Zanjani’s Trial Continues


The trial of Iranian billionaire, Babak Zanjani continues this week. Zanjani is accused of corruption, and owing large sums of money to the Oil Ministry, having been involved in trading Iran’s oil. This week Zanjani made some outlandish statements in the courts which caught the attention of media. In court, Zanjani declared that he is currently holding 22 billion euros in cash.

In another outlandish statement, he said he is not willing to surrender his watch, rings, cars, motorcycles, because the oil minister might take hold of them. He proposed that the court burns his assets rather than surrender them to the oil ministry.

5* Bus carrying students crashes


A bus carrying 44 teachers and students traveling from Kerman to Khuzestan flipped over. Eight student suffered minor injuries and have been treated. The students were headed to visit war memorial sites with their school as a part of an educational program.

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