Corinne Meier
Dec 23, 2016 · 2 min read

Is it really necessary for C-Level to be on Twitter?

I mean, just this fall, I was personally invited to attend NATO’s privately held Social Media Forum #SMIOForum 2016 at their $750M gabilliondollar headquarters in Brussels with about 10 subject matter experts on social presenting and panels discussions with the social media directors of the White House, CIA and Department of State. YES! It was a huge deal and here is how I got there.

The ABSOLUTE best line I heard during this entire all-day seminar regarding social media adoption by NATO high-level officers was…

“If the enemy uses social media. How can we not use social media?”

Powerful right?

Then, just out today in the headlines…

Elon Musk Receives Product Suggestion On Twitter, Tesla Implements It 6 Days Later

No, not 6 weeks later. Yes, 6 days later.

What is an R&D department if it isn’t using social listening tools to find the best ideas?

But no, no, nooo let’s think about the rationale that CEO’s have around adopting even just the use of Twitter (Study by

“68% of Fortune 500 CEO’s do not have any sort of presence on social media.”

Here are the top reasons why…

  • Time consuming: Execs are too busy to be tweeting/blogging all the time due to the nature of their work
  • Social Media can be scary/intimidating: We live in the world where everything goes viral on the internet within a matter of minutes. One wrong tweet has resulted in employees being fired. C-level executives do not want to make such mistakes and hence refrain from using social media
  • Resistance to change: Most executives do not understand the importance of social media and think that social media presence is relevant only for certain industries such as media and technology

Wow, all not worth the trade-off of solving customer problems and new innovations within 6 days.

Hire Twitter managers to ghost write your updates and blogs stat.

What are you waiting for this is ridiculous. Here’s why!

Corinne Meier

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I relish in connecting the dots on digital, social and sustainable issues. I love to read, write, + spread GOOD ideas on how you can use YOUR VOICE too.

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