Is Your Job Stuck In A City? Whatever you do — technology is allowing you to do it where you want. Stop making excuses. The world is waiting for you to arrive!

If you are on the fence about moving abroad and maintaining your business — or just generally perturbed with how to get the internet to bring you new business and leads…it’s starting to look like there are few excuses left.

1. How will I find new clients?

Let’s think about the facts. Almost the entire sales cycle is dominated by digital…“Consumers are 57% of the way through their decision before speaking with a sales rep.”

See the graph below…

The bulk of the sales process lies in the first 60%. In other words, just like you avoid sales people at all costs. So does everyone else.

Those last 43% — the “Commercial conversations” part are cake. The brunt of the work in driving leads lies in the first 57% of the equation. The digital experience.

One e-book or 3 blogs, that’s never going to help you dominate the first 57%.

It’s going to take various quantities of consistent content to win your readers attention. All of the work needed to create the assets that drive the first 57%, will take up countless hours of your time.

Meaning its you, your notes, your blogs, your social media for hours and hours and HOURS. Days and weeks. If you are in it to win it and climbing the mountain to dominating the first 57%, you might as well do it somewhere nice — like Nice.

Want to ensure that you know exactly how to put each foot in front of the other with a proper 6-figure launch? You can take my 3-part course in Nice, France — Because I’ve already done it before. Come to my class to make sure you’re not jumping off a bridge without a parachute. (Scroll to the bottom to find out how you can save money too!)

Not here? It’s ok, we are going to LiveStream it as well and do it together.

2. Is there a difference between me winning/losing business based on being abroad or not?

Not to give you an anxiety attack, but whether you move abroad or not, the ticking time-bomb remains: “By 2020, 80% of consumer decisions will be made with a human being.” — Gartner Research.

Taking the leap now will force you to master your strategic digital lead acquisition framework ahead of the 2020 deadline.

And, not be another Debbie downer — millions are already off to the races with blogs, webinars, emails, e-books so don’t plan on it being just a matter of implementing a check-off list…this isn’t going to happen overnight for you.

Again, might as well not do all this behind-the-scenes production work without some sort of thrill of living abroad. If you do it from your cold room in Chicago or a nice beach cafe in Nice, might as well be warm — the results are the same.

3. I have to be on-site to close sales!

Unless you are working on a rebrand or setting the content marketing strategy, you will not technically need to be on-site. Those two projects require being on-site, because those projects require interviewing employees and observing business operations. Still this doesn’t really have any impact on actually closing the sale.

You can still close the sale using video conference calls and then when the project is initiated come on-site for those parts. The rest, you know, all the stuff needed to help your customer achieve their digital presence? The marketing research, strategy developent, planning, branding, UI/UX, graphics, copy — the first 60% for their brand? All of those digital products get created with teams and mostly between you and your laptop. Also known as: off site.

And, not to be annoying, but guess how and where your customer views your work?

The same way: laptops, iPhones. On the go. On the toilet? Who even cares?

There are endless tools to review work seamlessly with the internet. We all share the goal of achieving revenue — but nobody likes it when we have to be tied to one place.

Marketing buyers care that the products we provide are of the highest quality possible for the lowest price possible. If you need to get a customer past the virtual working hump, simply adjust your pricing to reflect virtual only.

4. I’ll be alone!

First of all, being alone is good for you. Try it.

Second, finding local vendors to collaborate with is no huge to do! “Co-work space” is universal term you can google for “a place startups meet.” Google it. Set-up shop. Interact. These spaces are as expected as a McDonald. You’ll be fine.

5. How will I tackle local targeted messaging?

Local targeted marketing is still a hurdle. Not impossible though!

For example, when I started traveling more all of my friends and colleagues gasped. The thing was, what gave me the confidence to be virtual was that I was building digital bridges with C-levels all over the world by publishing on LinkedIn from my laptop in Chi?

Nevertheless, my content uses very specific words geared to attract an American audience. Or maybe not an American audience — but an audience with an understanding of digital marketing as a product.

What do I mean?

The world is adopting digital at a different pace in every corner of the world. In America every small business owner loses sleep over a slow Facebook page whereas in Europe — they’re like “Why and how the hell does a Facebook page lead to sales?” It’s a huge difference in perception.

Not only that, but the terms I use to define digital marketing are just as well lost. Think miles vs kilometers. Both are a measure of distance, but similarly abroad — there is a completely different set of words and phrases are used to describe the same digital marketing activities we use in the States. So, what’s the work around?

Use Shapr. It’s like Tinder but for professionals looking to network. It can help you to branch out in the following ways:

  • Improve Organic Local Search: Although your LinkedIn content might not be structured to attract local organic searches, you can easily drive eyes by using Shapr. The app uses #hashtags to match people that are ready to network in person — so just use hashtags with the terminology akin to your new local market. Within a week of using the app I noticed I was receiving more France based LinkedIn requests.
  • Allow social proof (highly liked and shared articles) to do all the translating my friends. Social proof is social proof. Likes and shares are a universal sign of a person adding value. So, don’t worry about changing your content and losing an audience you have already attained to accommodate a new audience. Use Shapr as a bridge to gain the attention of your new audience. Then move to translating tasks. Buy yourself some time to sing the tunes of your local market with strategic content.
  • Gaining IRL’s Faster: Technically, you should have a strategic marketing plan that is designed to follow your prospects through their various decisions leading to final commitment. I do this on LinkedIn. I throw heavier duty pieces along the way via download or e-book. Based on who likes what, I usually determine an IRL by what specific content they showed interest for. Shapr saves time on this step. LinkedIn is great, but people’s motivation to be on there are not all equal. For instance, some people never intend to outsource or meet me, they are just following me to keep up with digital marketing and trends. Shapr ensures you are speaking with people who are ready to meet.
  • A stronger idea of what makes a person comfortable to meet? What prevents first time IRLs is usually hesitation. Hesitation around each parties varying budgets and expectations. Shapr tells you what a user prefers: Dinner, coffee, a walk? If you know they prefer dinner — well, how about asking them about their favorite cuisine? Do a little research. Especially in France! People take food seriously. Take someone to a place with poor quality food, they will think you haven’t got the slightest clue about life. Next thing you know, they think you probably can’t solve their business problems either.
  • Logistics: Shapr partners you up with people who are physically close to you. Logistics become less of a roadblock. Maybe you don’t even have to go anywhere — are they your neighbor? Are they sitting at the same coffee shop as you?

Whatever you do — technology is allowing you to do it where you want. Stop making excuses, because the world is waiting for you to arrive!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

About the Author: Hi my name is Corinne Meier. I am CEO of MMG: Meier Marketing Global and I can always be found deep in the abyss of trends for all things digital, government, culture, and economy. I am hot on how micro-shifts in thinking lead to macro-shifts in behavior. I apply this collective wisdom when I counsel startups to Fortune 500 on how to stay relevant via MMG: Meier Marketing Global. I also offer a one-on-one blog coaching system called to help you master the art of content that converts.

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