Who Invented the Social Sales Methodology: Social Media or Zig Ziglar 40 Years Ago?

Social sales is NOT something that technology invented, it’s what we actually wanted a long time ago.

Some people say — oh content marketing(a core part of social sales) is just the evolution of advertising like print ads and TV commercials into videos on Facebook and graphics across Instagram. Guess what — kind of sort of. Not really.

Content marketing is all about what Zig Ziglar says:

As Zig says:

“#1 First, Help Others

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

It’s possible to get ahead in life by taking advantage of other people.

But it’s far better (and easier) to get ahead by understanding what people want and then helping them get it. Once you’ve gone out of your way to solve somebody’s problem, they’ll go out of their way to help you achieve your goals.

The goal of every successful startup is to help as many people as possible as much as possible. When you create something that’s of great value to many people, your business is assured of success.”

In other words, embrace the following with your marketing:

Define your buyer persona’s that help you understand what your buyers biggest problems and challenges are — then deliver content that…

Let’s take for example, Kraft:

Remember when Kraft went against the grain by objectifying a male body in this fun yet tasteful ad campaign to sell salad cream. It’s nice to have one for the ladies and at least it’s targeted towards the Shopper, it’s just a shame it’s for a cooking ingredient.

Those ads are from the days of television still having a chance.

Today, it’s all about social. Advertising and marketing has changed from a “sex sells” methodology to one that thinks about how to help, educate, inspire and entertain their audiences. Don’t worry Kraft gets it, just look at their Instagram. Recipes all day!

It’s good to see that we (brands and consumers) can adjust ourselves accordingly.

It also goes to show how thought leaders like Zig Ziglar can create a shift in consumer preferences of marketing and advertising based on spreading simple seeds of wisdom almost 40 years ago.

It’s interesting to think about how we got to where we are. Social sales is NOT something that technology like social media invented — it’s what we brought into reality to facilitate what we actually wanted in the first place.

To socialize and connect through the conversation that aids in the progress of the world and all of its consumer brands and products. Well, that’s what I love most about being in the position of producing it anyways….creating a way for EVERYONE to be a part of everything, together. As one. ;)

Author Corinne Meier is a manager of custom content services with more than 7 years’ experience counseling brands on their content. Follow Corinne on Twitter + Medium @MeierMarketing and tweet her your blogs covering marketing strategies or online classes on content marketing with #ContentGame.

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