Hallo World

Hallo World

I am Kivanc Akkaya

I want to tell you things I have been working on Mein-Name.ist

To keep my mental in safe zone.

I am super tired ins both ways but I want to share with world , I update and I will post things I have been passionate about so stay tuned.

I am working on making people’s life better , things like this in my mind and it started I don’t know when but escaped from my mind , Anyways you can see how it gonna make people’s life better at Mein-Name.ist you can get the idea I update when I get some air.Minimum Viable product doesnt show in here yet because it is a passionate idea,it is hard to show even explain it to myselfö but soon rocks will be in places.

Don't get me wrong I am not reinventing the wheel (I don't know exactly when first app started but)

I am removing the Wheel.

Why I am doing this as I first mentioned to Keep my mental in safe zone actually it is not goal it is the result.

I am doing this is to make useful things , helping myself by helping others .

I am seeing benefits in short term as I mentioned in upper section twice:) (I need to sleep or system will be faced by fatal error.

Lots of things I want to say , I want to say and talk about but not to make it long I want to say a fews things and close this.

Is this only for Germans as it seems for Germans only it is for world wide but to perfect it I want to start somewhere ,it will be useful in world wide

Do you know German ö even though I learnt in high school and at first year of university I am not good at it yet.This might because of practice but I strongly believe that it is more about in mind , if I make mind clear I will be perfect at it. But I didn't want that to stop my goal.

Why I am working on this as weirdo as my friend said ` you are the one weirdo I know that have more friends in real life than in Facebook`. Even though I like talking in face and believing in real friends. I like making lifes better as I mentioned I am getting benefit from it even though it can be seen madness.

Feel free to say hallo by sending email to Hallo@Mein-Name.ist

You can be sure I will reply , maybe not immediately but definitely !