Here in my garage

It is not garage it is window actually.Photo from a few week ago.

It is not my garage but it is where I cross the atoms in my mind with passion.In back my 5 years old laptop and 10 years old 22 inch external screen.

I hear time to time people say `Oh man we don’t have garage to build next Apple ,Google , Amazon.. and many other companies started by legends.`

But they did not intended to build those awesome companies they just followed their passion.

What I really want to say is they born in garage because no matter where you live there is always weird things , toxic people , weird tv shows.For instance in my country in almost every hour you can find Chicken Fertilization Show yep

There is one Big Chicken talks about ` bak bak bak back , some weird music starts ` and show starts.

All time show goes with some weirdness

“bak bak bkack bkakc bkakb”

“bakc bak bak bka”

Some weird music again.

Man or woman you can imagine or cannot how weird it is , anyways.

So this is why some of legends raise from garage or from place they can rise among weird things noises.

I realized that I don't know when couple weeks/months and that moment was “Ha!