Starting the Makers Academy journey!

Never in a million years would I have imagined myself writing a blog about a 3 month long coding course, or even a blog at all. From biochem graduate to welder/pipe-fitter and then to a junior developer in training! Jeez! I’m still disappointing my mom who wanted me to be a doctor, but the prospect of learning to code and pursue a career in it afterwards is bloomin brilliant!!!!!

The Precourse presentation doesn’t start until this evening at 6.30 pm so I guess this will be a little intro entry. However, it hasn’t even started yet and I’m already exhausted from the past few days. I had only just finished my interview last Thursday afternoon before almost missing my train down to London on the evening. The next day, I received a call from Ollie congratulating me on getting a place on the next cohort of Ronin in July 2016, nice!! But I must finish the application and pay the fees by that evening, oh!!

Not only did I forget my passport needed for the application, but my bank was being an arse and not letting me login to transfer the moneyz. A quick call to my Dad and two whole hours later of teaching him how to take pictures and mail attachments, the application was finalized. The money situation: not so much! After 3 hours of Nationwide phone calls, it turns out I hadn’t updated my address for the last 2 years so to them I was still living in West London and not the West Midlands. Oops.

RIP next cohort with new fees :)

Entire savings invested and new hard drive and keyboard ordered, I’m ready to begin this mad adventure! Even though it’s been a rush getting on to the course the past few days, it’s not been a hasty decision. Since around January this year, I’ve been playing around with books, Codecademy and video tutorials whilst I contemplated a PhD. I had done a bit of Python programming at university and HTML/CSS when I was younger but never did I think I could pursue coding as a career! I love problem-solving and have a passion for computers/tech but it wasn’t until I had a friend tell me about a coding bootcamp she had attended that I realised it wasn’t impossible.

Now I sit here in my girlfriends office, stealing her universities WiFi and waiting for the PreCourse to begin. I know that just this next month, there will be a lot to learn but it will pale in comparision to July when the course really starts getting intense. I want to savor these weeks but the more work I put in now while I have no responsibilities/commitments, the easier I’ll make my life later on in the course.

I’m so pumped to start learning more code! Gonna go finish of Chris Pine’s book and try to get to 6th kyu on Codewars. I better stop“waffling” or that crazy English student who shouted at David Cameron will get me too. Peace x

She’ll get ya!