Why I Write In A Diary Every Day — almost every day
Julien Samson

1. Do you keep a journal? 
2. If you do maybe tell me why, or what prompt you to do it? I’m very intrigued
3. If you don’t, what holding you back? What makes you not want to do it?

Hey Julie!

I do also keep a journal (with lost of gaps, unfortunately), been doing it since I was in 6th grade. When I started, I thought I have an interesting life compared to my friends in school (well, what do I know) and growing up it just became something that I do. It is hard for me to be consistent though, some years I would only have half or few first months. Usually the tougher the year got, the more writing I have. Hah! Anyway, let see if I can keep up here (hoping that I can jump in to the #52weekswritingchallenge

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