Nigeria WILL be great again! But I see no one standing up to it. The energetic youths are busy, fighting themselves while celebrating mediocrity! Discussing NIGERIA can be exhausting though. I believe our leaders know our problems but their selfish interests won’t allow them do the right things.

Nigeria should be decentralized. Give power back to the regions. See America now…every state with it’s law and all. Take power away from that centre…else everyone will keep running there. Some states should be acquired or taken over or liquidated or even declared bankrupt 😡😡😡. State governors are so lazy that they don’t even think of how to increase their IGRs. They will keep requesting for bailout funds every 2 seconds as if they are undergraduates asking for pocket money from their parents. Osun state is a big example. What really happened to Osun State? Few years ago, after deducting obligations from their FAAC money, Osun State was left with N6 million only!!! What a mess!!! How did they get there? If the FGN hadn’t stepped in, they’d have been on negative. That is not a state….. This means someone can wake up tomorrow and decide to buy the state 😂😂😂. Rather than every state thinking of how to build airports to outdo their neighbours, they can decide to do stuff together… Maybe agree to build a road network that can easily move goods and farm produce from the ports or hinterlands to the cities. Integrate these regions instead. Dredge the ports close to the eastern and southern states for instance…so people can shift attention from importing everything through Lagos. Start making embedded power plants that supply electricity to regions or clusters of regions and put the excess on the grid as opposed to generating and dumping everything on the grid to now share. Investors will start flocking to these regions. Off grid generation (embedded generation) will go a long way in solving power issues. Wealthy individuals can even setup mini power plants and the excess taken back to the grid. Nigerians are willing to pay for electricity if they have the assurance that the supply will be near constant. I don’t see why we are still here.