I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump

I read this twice, and I didn’t see a reason for supporting Trump over Hillary.

I saw the Trump talking points that Obama=Hillary. I saw support for Obama, who’s administration created the insurance you no longer can afford, and I see you using that as a reason not to support Hillary. Her campaign platform had healthcare reform on it — comprehensive fixes to some of the issues Obamacare had, which Congress had every obligation to fix but failed.

Trump’s reform is to repeal and replace, yet he detailed no real plans.

Then further, you are insulted bc the Clinton Foundation received money from Saudi Arabia, while ignoring business that Trump has done with Saudi Arabia and loans given by Saudi Arabian Princes — for personal gain. Not for foundational dispersement to actually help others around the world, but for personal, financial gain.

Your rhetoric and Trumpsplaining is no different than any other uninformed voter, I’m sorry to say. Had you or any other person with these views actually educated yourself thoroughly and thoughtfully on the issues, and on the candidates, I can’t imagine this would be the conclusion made. It makes zero sense to prefer a candidate who has no healthcare plan other than “repeal and replace”, who had personal, financial dealings with oppressive countries and regimes for PERSONAL benefit over a candidate who wants to improve and reform the existing healthcare plan that she did not create (but is certainly being given credit for, even though she wasn’t even a part of the functioning government that approved it) and had similar dealings with oppressive regimes, via donation to a charitable foundation.

There is zero logic in that.

And then you add the fact that he’s got a vulgar mouth, is divisive, and literally none of his platform promises can be made (oh, and he may have sexually assaulted more than a dozen women, which INSTANTLY makes him unqualified), and you have lost the argument of reason.

And I also reject the “pantsuit nation” rhetoric, which is equally as divisive and stereotypical as what you claim you have faced. I mean, your reasoning in this article (if these were the talking points you used) are uneducated. I just slashed them. If that offended you, that’s simply arrogance. I see your motive and agenda, and I call it out.