The BEST of Humanity?

Is it true that history repeats itself? In my opinion, I think that it doesn’t. The past might be a great influence to us but it cannot just be done. Events like the World Wars and the treaties made are just mere human doings done in the past. There’s more into it. Cultures started to sprout all over the world: Sumer, Aztec, Inca, Mayan and ect. Let’s forward to the present. Is out nations unified? How do we know that it’s unified? The real question is, will it be possible? It’s hard to answer that question for now because we didn’t (or maybe won’t) experience it. History has many parts that show why we are what we are today.

First, Renaissance is the time when everything started over again. One highlight in the Renaissance period is Humanism. Humanism is a big impact in this period. It centers in the ability and achievements of an individual. Humanists believe that education is the one that revives the artistic part of a person. Artists like Leonardo da Vinci who painted the famous paintings: “Mona Lisa” and “Last Supper”; Michelangelo who painted the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. These artist are called “Renaissance men” because they’re multi-talented. Women who are multi-talented are called “Renaissance women”. An example of a Renaissance woman is Isabella d’Este.

Second, Reformation is a religious movement that led to the birth of the Protestant Church. It started with Martin Luther’s irritation with the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church sold “indulgence” (salvation), and it’s unfair. So, Martin Luther issued the 95 Thesis, but before that, John Wycliffe (also angry to the Catholic Church for selling indulgence), printed the Bible in Germanic language so that the people could understand the teachings of the Bible. John Wycliffe and his company was sentenced to persecution by the Catholic Church.

Third, Monarchy is the title given to someone who is next in line in politics. England established the government “Monarchy”. Many kings and queens fought for their riches. William the “Conquerer of England” successfully ruled England. After William, Richard the Lion-hearted ruled then John, brother of Richard the Lion-hearted, ruled.

Fourth, Commercial Revolution was a period of economic expansions, Colonialism and Mercantalism. Industrial revolution talks about the number of factors contributed to Britain’s role as the birth place of Industrial revolution. Also, the banking system started in the Commercial Revolution.

So I conclude that many things happened in the past that we didn’t know of or we didn’t care of. Some events gave opportunities. Our generation today is kind of messy. Things start to much more hard to live with. Wars all over the world and people taking over other people. World unification is not possible. It’s not and never going to happen. Fortunately, world peace is the only thing possible. It’s possible, not by uniting together, but when we are separated. I know it sounds crazy but I think it’s the only way. We are connected when we are separated. Why you ask? I read books and searched the internet and all I see is killing, killing and killing. People killing people. Even if a zombie invasion breaks out, all we’ll see is people killing people. So let this be a lesson to us, whatever choices you make makes a big impact to the society around you. Even as a student, you can change the people and its surroundings. Do your best and you’ll see the best.

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