We are drowning in mediocrity, oblivious to our impending end. We are satisfied with the bland, content with the merely okay — no, worse — we celebrate it, hold it up for all to admire as though the mud-slaked trophy in our hand is actually solid gold. We surround ourselves with so much of it that we convince ourselves it is the real thing. The Real Thing

We are the emperor’s new clothes.

We steep ourselves in the superficial, in the cute, fluffy, insubstantial and genuinely believe it is enough — no, worse — that it is all there is…that…

Melissa Volker

I can now call myself, “an award-winning writer”. Dunno what that means in the world but it’s fun to say. www.melissavolker.com. My books http://amzn.to/2p5SF4a

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