7 Golden Golden Tips for A First Date

Ladies going out on a hot first date, with a handsome heart-throb? So it’s time to make a first-time impression, which can determine the second date.

Now comes the big question, what should I wear on my first date? and I’m here to tell you a few rules on dressing for a first date which will help you avoid some mistakes on this special day.

Wear nothing with a stain

Never wear a pair of jeans that you’ll wear to your kid’s little league game, this is defiantly a no-no; your super-mom jeans and club shirt shouldn’t be your best choice for a first date outfit, remember first date, first impression, so it’s time to think outside the box and bring out your glam side and leave mom duties behind.

Showing to much skin

Showing off some skin shows that you have body confidence, but it’s not a good idea to show off too much skin on a first date, just a little skin will be suitable, you want your date-mate, to wonder the rest of your beauty, so going in the direction of a skin tight above knee dress can work magic, which will show off your pretty legs, you don’t want to show too much, just enough to keep your hot date guessing, so a sexy dress should do the trick.

Know your destination or plans

Try to find out ahead of time where your date-mate will be taking you so that you can know how to dress for the occasion, because if it’s a simple dinner and dancing.You will look out of place if you wear a lace LBD and 6in heels, you will feel overdressed and uncomfortable, you can save that outfit for a more upscale restaurant rather than a movie and a laid-back dancehall, so finding out your destination, is always winning the style battle

Don’t be overzealous with your fashion selection

Try not to square off with your most loved statement piece, this includes your clubwear dress with a hundred cut-outs or your super tight see through leggings, leave that for a night on the town with girls

Nails Freshly Polished

I think this tip is so underrated, Ladies if you are dressed to impress, you can’t forget your nails, nothing more unattractive then chipped up nail polish and if you choose to wear open-toe shoes, you can’t forget your toe-nails, grooming is very important, because small details as your nails, shows you are well-groomed person.

Overdoing it with the makeup

Ladies to much make up can spell disaster. For example, if you apply too much lipstick, it can come off all over your teeth and that’s not a good look, or your can decorate your wine glass, be sure a delicate layer of make-up, which you won’t hide tour natural beauty.

Having your hair well maintained

Your hair must be well maintained, there’s nothing wrong with the famous ponytail, but well combed and slicked back, I will not suggest you go on a first date with hair looking like you just came off a roller coaster, so make your appointment.

*Following these 7 golden tips and your date-mate will surely be asking for a second date, most likely the next night.

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