Fulfillment in your job yes or no?

As a coach, I work with a lot of people who want to feel more fulfilled and have a work life balance. When I question people it turns out that the word “fulfillment” is often hard to define.

So what is job fulfillment, then? What makes you feel energized and motivated and deeply satisfied in your career? Is it using your strengths? Doing work you enjoy? Being part of a team? Becoming financially independent.

I’d say all of those things play a part for sure.

Fulfillment comes from helping others in a meaningful way.

The key here is that you feel like your work is impacting others by solving a problem, spreading positivity, or improving lives, in one way or another.

Perhaps you already work at a place that’s helping improve lives or solve problems in some way, but you don’t feel personally invested in the company’s mission. Or maybe you don’t get to work directly with the people you’re helping, so you never see the final impact of your work.

Allow yourself to be creative when considering what feels meaningful to you. What do you regularly help friends/family with? What do people thank you for most often? When was the last time you felt like you made someone’s day? Really think about these questions to get clear on how you’re already making a difference on a regular basis.

How is your work impacting others?

How invested do you feel in your company or team’s big-picture mission?

How often do you get to see or experience the results of your work?

How much interaction do you have with your teammates, clients, customers, or end users

Where in your life do you feel most energized, valuable, or satisfied?

I’d love to have your comments below.

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