Global Alpha Test R2 of
4 min readNov 19, 2021


We are excited to announce that the Alpha Test on Testnet will officially start from 7:00 AM UTC 23 Nov 2021. Please read the following notes during these days.

Before diving into the details of the Alpha Test R2, we would like to once again say thank you to everyone who participated in the first round of the Alpha Test and the contributors of the quizzes which really thrive on our Learn-to-Earn mechanism.

We are humbled by the responses and suggestions from players, and extremely thankful for all the ways players across the globe have helped us prepare for the game’s launch.

Players who submitted the application and have been chosen will receive a confirmed email. Please check your inbox.


  1. What is the goal of Alpha Test R2 ?
  2. What are the key features of Alpha Test R2?
  3. What are the key features that won’t be on Alpha Test R2 ?
  4. How to play Alpha Test R2 ?
  5. Community events during Alpha Test R2 ?

What is the goal of Alpha Test R2?

In this round of Alpha Test, our primary goal is to start testing the stability of economics. The design of game economics is the most critical aspect that will determine the long-term success of a game. Testing and balancing are key in this endeavor and this can only be done with a sizable number of players, something we expect to achieve with the Alpha Test R2.

We also want to give our early supporters a chance to get familiarized with the features that will be in the Mainnet version. We will continue to listen to your feedback and make necessary changes to improve the game before the Mainnet’s launch. Please join our discord to post your suggestions.


  • Everything in this Alpha Test will be in Testnet which means all assets such as lands and buildings are not be transferable to the Mainnet version.
  • The configuration and game rules are not finalized as they can be revised from any point between now and until the Mainnet is released.
  • All the Ditamin data will NOT be deleted(the same as the first round of the Alpha Test).

What are the Key Features in the Alpha Test?

  1. New Map: New contents on battle area, updated artwork.

2. Ticket Land: Players start the challenge with a ticket land.

check out the detail of lands:

Economics Overview

3. Market Place: NFT game assets like building, skins, etc.

4. Leaderboard: Check the ranking of learn-to-earn masters.

5. NFT Building

What are the Key Features that won’t be in the Alpha Test?

  1. Ditamin MELD Exchange.
  2. Land Minting: you can mint ticket lands by consuming Ditamin and Occupied lands.
  3. VIP Land: utilize the full functionality of a land, creating your own inner world.
  4. Editor: killer application.
  5. Invitation Reward: Team up with your friends to earn more.

Here’s How You Can Start Playing in the Alpha Test:


  1. Install MetaMask into your browser.
  2. Login to your Metamask account and select the wallet address you used when you apply to participate in the alpha test.
  3. Claim your free Matic test tokens at The game is available on the Mumbai Testnet.

When the test begins

  1. Enter the game by clicking the PLAY NOW button of
  2. Sign in with the registered wallet address.
  3. Go to the faucet page to claim the $MELD for testing (Faucet page URL will be announced on 11–23 in this article).
  4. Go to marketplace to buy a ticket land to start occupying more land (Marketplace page URL will be announced on 11–23).
  5. Join our Discord community to report bugs, share your feedback, and take part in community events.

Community Events During Alpha Test:


🏃 Only 2 weeks left! Jump In Now!

💰 Win Up To 3,000 $MELD Rewards.

🎁 5,000 Random winners will get 140 $MELD each.

🎁 TOP 3 referrers will get 1 land NFT each.

🎁 TOP 50 referrers will share 300,000 $MELD.


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