Dear Melanders, here are our updates for this week.


  • Added a new quiz type (5 types now)
  • Reduced the difficulty of the balloon game


  • Fixed some answer errors of single choice questions
  • Fixed the bug that some users would get stuck in certain areas of the map

Meland team is always listening to the community and is committed to providing a better gaming experience for all players. If you have any suggestion about the game, please let us know at our roadmap:



💘Love is not only in the air but also on the land!

💌Show your love on Valentine’s Day

🧡💜💛by drawing hearts with lands in #Meland world!

🎁🎁🎁We have prepared great gifts for participants.

👀Check our event channel on Discord for details:

🥰🎁We have prepared Valentine’s Day gifts for players who draw hearts.

Mini💕:10,000 Ditamin

Small💜:20,000 Ditamin+NFT(common)

Middle💛:50,000 Ditamin+NFT(rare)

Big🧡:100,000 Ditamin+NFT(epic)

The biggest❤️: 500,000 Ditamin+NFT(epic)

See you in Meland Metaverse.❤️


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