What You Learn Working in Early-stage SaaS Startups

This is what sunsets look like from the 5th floor of Atlanta Tech Village.

Business Basics

Seriously, tho.


Funding for Founders

Company Culture

Yas, Peggy.

microaggressions: plural noun, those little things that people say off-hand that get under your skin and you wonder if it’s even worth calling it out but if you don’t call it out then you can’t stop thinking about it and later you wish you’d stood up for your damn self.

Product Management

When is this feature coming out?

UI / UX Design

Look at this floating label. Such graceful. Much helpful.

On-Site Meetings



Social Media

When someone’s squatting on the Twitter handle you want.


Raise your hand if you have a t-shirt drawer that looks like this. 👋

Customer Experience

Personal Performance and Day-to-Day Productivity

When was the last time you went into the woods and smelled some clean air?

Management and Hiring

Actual footage of me doing sports.

Moving from Early-Stage to Growth Phase

Same, tbh.




Lives in the ‘burbs. Loves startups.

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